Poodle Care

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For general information we recommend you read the Poodle Fact Sheet

The basic areas to explore when planning the care of your Poodle are: 

  • The Vet – your new best friend
  • Accommodation – safe, secure, clean, comfortable, weatherproof
  • Food – no fads, just basic good nutrition for physical fitness
  • Exercise – socialisation at first, more physical exercise as puppy matures, then daily commitment
  • Grooming routines – after puppy training, 5 minutes daily, ½ hour weekly and 6 weekly groomer visits (your new second best friend)
  • Training – early puppy training in particular involves a time commitment by you. Use your local Obedience Club (check the DogsNSW website www.dogsnsw.org.au).
  • Companionship – your Poodle is a friend, not an accessory.

If you become a member of Dogs NSW you will receive their monthly magazine which has a lot of information about different health, care and training issues. You can also attend shows and discuss care with experienced exhibitors – taking care not to interrupt their ring preparations. Or you can contact the Poodle Club of New South Wales Inc. and we will try to assist.

You need to have a clear understanding of your responsibilities as a dog owner under various laws and regulations. Contact your local Council.

The person who sold you your Poodle should have given you a guide to caring for your Poodle. They may also offer after sales support. 


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