Breed Standard


Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC)

The ANKC Poodle Breed Standard is the description of the Poodle Breed which is used by judges at shows when comparing the qualities of the Poodles they are judging. It is also used by responsible breeders when they are choosing breeding stock or selecting puppies.

The Poodle Breed Standard applies equally to all three varieties of the breed – the Standard, the Miniature and the Toy, and to all colours. The base document describes the Standard Poodle. The Breed Standard for Toy and Miniature Poodles is the same as that for the Standard Poodle except for the size limits.

Understanding the Poodle Breed Standard is absolutely essential for anyone who wishes to show or breed Poodles, or just to understand the Breed properly. Rather than re-write the Breed Standard on this page, we are providing you with the links to go straight to the ANKC documents to read them for yourself.

Here are the web links for the ANKC Breed Standard for the Poodle:

Standard Poodle:

Miniature Poodle:

Toy Poodle:

There is also an extension of the Breed Standard, called a Breed Extension, which can be viewed on the ANKC website. This provides further discussion about interpreting the Breed Standard and provides illustrations of different Breed features. You can find the link to the Breed Extension on the Breed Standard page under the print instruction, where it says Click to view breed extension PDF.




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