2013 National results & critique

CONFORMATION RESULTS & JUDGE'S CRITIQUE - To see the 2013 Poodle National Conformation Results and Judge's critique together in one document, click on this link. All entries are shown in each class, with the first 3 placements at the top of each class. Other listings within each class are not in any placement order. Critiques have been done for the first three placings only in each class.

Absentees are shown as "Abs." One dog is shown as "Withdrawn." 

If you have any queries about the Results please contact:

Tom Mangan, on 0419 620 160 or at his email address [email protected]

Full details of all exhibits are shown in the Show & Trial Catalogue. 


OBEDIENCE AWARDS - A full list of Obedience Awards can be seen by clicking on this link. Only dogs that achieved qualifying scores are shown.

If you have any queries about the Obedience Awards please contact the officials shown above or the Trial Secretary Mr Neil Monteith at [email protected]


Contact Details



SECRETARY & SHOW SECRETARY (all correspondence): Susie Kearnes

Email:  [email protected]

Postal: 21 Fitzroy St., WILTON NSW 2571

Mob: 0412 496 460

TRIAL SECRETARY: Bernice Monteith

Email: [email protected]

Mob: 0417 286 799 

PRESIDENT: Gail McIlrath